Brand Designer & Design Director based in Berlin

Max Pirsky is a Graphic Designer & Art Director based in Berlin

Art Direction

A series of short animations made for the launch of the Google Pixel 2 in Germany. These bring the device’s main features to life using an ironic, over-the-top visual language inspired by retrofuturistic aesthetics. Apart from serving as branded content, the animations were used in an interactive launch event called the Sci-Fi SuperMall, where together with Boiler Room we transformed a warehouse into a full-on artificially intelligent playground.

Agency: The Adventures Of
Chief Executive Officer: Sophie Mayer
Chief Creative Officer: Leila El-Kayem
Creative Director: Felix Stock 
Art Director: Max Pirsky
Director/DOP: Samuil Tatchev
Animation: Kidmograph
Business Strategist: Mona Vogel