AsicsTiger: What The Gel

Not many people know that Asics is the original Japanese sneaker brand. Founded by Kihachiro Onitsuka way back in the 1920s, his aim was to motivate a new generation of young people to start moving. Hence the brand’s name was inspired by the latin phrase - anima sana in corpore sano - which translates to "healthy soul in a healthy body".

The first ever global brand campaign for AsicsTiger ‘What The Gel’ is an exploration of substance, both physically and metaphorically. Abstract Gel worlds were created and combined with footage of up-and-coming people of substance to achieve a result that is visually intriguing while also culturally relevant.

Agency: The Adventures Of 
Chief Executive Officer: Sophie Mayer
Chief Creative Officer: Leila El-Kayem
Creative Director: Gustavo Dias, Darren Cronje
Art Director: Max Pirsky, Sarah Hegyesi, Charlon de Graav
GIFs: Juppi Juppsen, Federico Leggio, Erik Blad, Etienne Vles, Sam Tatchev
Copywriter: Tim Cook
Brand Manager: Benjamin Merten, Marcus Ludwig
Business Strategy Director: Delia Ferreira
Business Strategist: Thomas Eon
Media Director: Dan Ball
Executive Producer: Chris Seegel
Creative Producer: Gonzo Rofso, Jalal Hachim
Production Company: Foam Studio
Post Production: Modest Department
Music Composition: Markus Wormstorm
Director: Robert Wunsch
Photographer: Robert Wunsch